Mahoganny Brown and the Case of the Disappearing Kid

“It becomes plain enough as the story progresses—primarily in the interplay between Jacob Saxton (in a stoic, humane performance as the man, Jimmy Jones) and Melissa Roth (who offers  astonishingly focused and moving characterization as Mahogany, the P.I.)—that the machinery of the storyline isn’t what matters;  character, not plot, makes up what world we have, and the elusive quarry of all our bitter pursuits is a peaceful, unremarkable shared life.” – The

“Stage actress Melissa Roth portrays the titular Mahogany Brown, and does a wonderful job invoking the sultry, yet sharp attitude of the atypical noir detective trope.” –


“Of the three trapped slaves, the woman is easily the most fully realized character.  This seems to be a function of both the text and Melissa Roth’s forceful performance.” – Joe Bendel,

“Especially in her silences, Roth effectively conveys the moment by moment toll of the situation’s depravity.  These are crucial inflections amid the staging by director Gyda Arber, whose KA is sixty stark minutes of hammer descending mercilessly to nail.” –

This Is The New American Theater

“Melissa Roth…very funny, very bold.” –

The Granduncle Quadrilogy

“Melissa Roth…is a splendidly psychotic, babbling student named Margy trotted out as a potential mate for Granduncle.”  –

The Little One

“The cast is uniformly fine.  Rounding out the excellent company is Melissa Roth as Alicia, the young, until recently, human woman who is Gogol’s latest prodigy.” –

The Bubble of Solace

“Melissa Roth as Heidi…She’s a fully rounded character, and she actually made me want her as the center point of the story.  Her character was so fully developed and so wonderfully played by the actress herself that I wanted to simply follow her life.” – The

I’ll Say She Is

“…Melissa Roth, who shows a genius for pantomime (no small claim in a play starring Harpo) by projecting whole life stories of everyone from a flower-peddler to a courtroom bailiff through sheer posture and attitude”



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