10/22/2016 It’s Getting Tired Mildred: Episode 17


Mildred Halloween episodes always prove to be interesting. We hope you’ll join us on October 22 for everyone’s favorite Soap Opera for the Stage, It’s Getting Tired Mildred!

Six of Six Productions and The Brick Theater, Inc.
Are Proud To Present:
It’s Getting Tired Mildred
A monthly Soap Opera for the stage!

October 22, 2016
The Brick Theater
579 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to Mildred Springs! A quaint city in the vague Northeastern United States. A city not unlike other cities. Join us while the bold and the beautiful citizens of Mildred Springs live the days of their lives. Some might be young and restless. Some might be doctors working at Sacred Corpuscle Memorial, a general hospital. But they’ve all got one life to live. Join us as their world turns. Join us as their guiding light leads them on their constant search for tomorrow. Join us as they hang on to the edge of night and you will be transported to another world. The world of It’s Getting Tired Mildred. But make sure you join us for their continuing stories.

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