Semi Respectable – Season 1 – Animated Webseries

Semi Respectable

Episode 1 – The Words – Hal is trying to be active on his smart phone. Why not play a game that everyone plays, it’ll be fun. Everyone is a genius at making words, it’s “just like Scrabble,” so what could possibly be the problem?
4 minutes – voice of Vivian

Episode 3 – The Human Resource – Ray has returned home from being over seas. With his military commitment fulfilled, he’s eager to join the civilian working world again. However, he’s finding the modern working world and what it requires are not quite as he expected.
5 minutes – voice of Human Resources woman

Episode 7 The Garbage – Hal finally decides to take care of the tree stump that has been an eyesore on his front lawn for months. Also, figuring to score a few points with Vivian, what could go wrong? Well, people do like their order & routine, one should tread lightly.
5:30 minutes – voice of Vivian and Jan

Episode 10 – The Public Enemy – Nick unintentionally and unknowingly draws massive media, scrutiny and social ire after a night out with friends takes a turn for the unexpected.
11 minutes – voice of Vivian, Jan, Natasha, and Milicent Leathers

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