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Semi Respectable – Season 1 – Animated Webseries

Semi Respectable

Episode 1 – The Words – Hal is trying to be active on his smart phone. Why not play a game that everyone plays, it’ll be fun. Everyone is a genius at making words, it’s “just like Scrabble,” so what could possibly be the problem?
4 minutes – voice of Vivian

Episode 3 – The Human Resource – Ray has returned home from being over seas. With his military commitment fulfilled, he’s eager to join the civilian working world again. However, he’s finding the modern working world and what it requires are not quite as he expected.
5 minutes – voice of Human Resources woman

Episode 7 The Garbage – Hal finally decides to take care of the tree stump that has been an eyesore on his front lawn for months. Also, figuring to score a few points with Vivian, what could go wrong? Well, people do like their order & routine, one should tread lightly.
5:30 minutes – voice of Vivian and Jan

Episode 10 – The Public Enemy – Nick unintentionally and unknowingly draws massive media, scrutiny and social ire after a night out with friends takes a turn for the unexpected.
11 minutes – voice of Vivian, Jan, Natasha, and Milicent Leathers

May 14, 2016 – It’s Getting Tired Mildred Episode 15:

Six of Six Productions and The Brick Theater, Inc.
Are Proud To Present:

It’s Getting Tired Mildred
A monthly Soap Opera for the stage!

Welcome to Mildred Springs! A quaint city in the vague Northeastern United States. A city not unlike other cities. Join us while the bold and the beautiful citizens of Mildred Springs live the days of their lives. Some might be young and restless. Some might be doctors working at Sacred Corpuscle Memorial, a general hospital. But they’ve all got one life to live. Join us as their world turns. Join us as their guiding light leads them on their constant search for tomorrow. Join us as they hang on to the edge of night and you will be transported to another world. The world of It’s Getting Tired Mildred. But make sure you join us for their continuing stories.

Tickets are $15
10:30 pm at The Brick Theater 579 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY

Future Episodes:
September 2016
We are taking the summer off but we will remind you that we are around more to come!

May 19-June 11, 2016 Radio Theatre NYC’s Edgar Allan Poe Fest


Theater At St.John’s and Radiotheatre Present
MAY 19, 2016 – JUNE 11, 2016
81 Christopher St./ 7th Ave NYC
212 868-4444
In 2009, Radiotheatre’s SUNDAYS WITH POE ran for a year to sold-out audiences from around the world. Now, RT returns to NYC for a limited engagement!
MAY 19, 20, 21, 22
LIGEIA – A man is haunted by his first dead wife!
THE SPHINX – A woman sees a great monster in the hills!
HOP FROG – The King’s jester plots murderous revenge!
THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER – Did the last of the Usher family bury his sister prematurely?

MAY 27, 28, 29
MORELLA – A dead woman’s spirit possesses her daughter!
THE TELL TALE HEART – Poe’s classic insane murderer!
THE OVAL PORTRAIT – Hikers take refuge in a haunted house!
M.S. FOUND IN A BOTTLE – A sailor boards a ghostly ship!

JUNE 2, 4, 5
BERENICE – A man is obsessed with his cousin’s teeth!
THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO – A wine lover plots revenge against his rival!
THE CASE OF M.VALDEMAR – A dying man is hypnotized.
THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM – A prisoner is tormented in a dark dungeon!

JUNE 9, 10, 11
THE BLACK CAT – A drunkard hates his cat. The feeling is mutual.
THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH – The Prince has a plan to evade the plague!
WILLIAM WILSON – A doppelganger haunts a young man!
THE PREMATURE BURIAL – Meet the girl who was buried alive!